Xoip Voice

Make and receive calls worldwide with the ability to keep your own number (number porting)
Voice Plan
Fax Plan
Type of number Local 084/087 Local
Receive calls yes yes yes
Send and receive faxes X yes yes
Fax to email X yes yes
Voicemails to email yes yes yes
Simultaneous calls 1 Unlimited Unlimited
Addon local numbers Unlimited X Unlimited
Addon free numbers X Unlimited X
Price (per month) €5,50 €0,00 €9,50
Divert your number to:
01-05 & 07 (landlines) €0,03 Free €0,03
06 (mobile numbers) €0,012 Free €0,012
0800 (free service number) €0,015 Free €0,015
085 & 088 (national numbers) €0,015 Free €0,015
XOIP Plus numbers €0,30 Free €0,30
084/087 (non XOIP) €1,20 €1,20 €1,20
Skype Free Free Free
09 (paid service numbers) X X X
18x, 14x, 116x (information services) X X X

Xoip Voice internet calling

XOIP Voice is a high quality, simple and inexpensive way of call based on SIP, call the standard protocol for the internet.
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